Many people want to earn from the cryptocurrency markets but they don’t know how to do it on their own. Within the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency market has been very volatile and only those who knew how to interpret the moves would have benefited so much from its volatility. creates a bridge between opportunities like this and those who don’t know how to do it by themselves. Even the skilled cryptocurrency traders also need because they may not always have the time to monitor the trends. At, the workers are dedicated towards ensuring that no opportunity to gain Bitcoins in the cryptocurrency market is lost.

Fortunately, the sign up process is free of charge. The only other thing required for you to benefit from them is to choose at least one of the investment plans listed on the site. If you do this today, you will be joining the 1300+ subscribers who have already registered on the website. now has over 3.3 BTC deposited from investors aiming at benefiting from the expertise of Bitdetector’s traders. The trust is so much on the company because it is recognized by the law. It is overseen by the Companies House, UK, which registered it as Bitdetector Limited on September 6, 2017 and gave it a certificate of incorporation with the number, 10948166. The registered office address is 15 Norman Road, London, United Kingdom, SE10 9QX. Overview has a good design to make you feel proud of it as your own. The truth is that anyone who is a member of the company also partakes in the ownership of the site since they get whatever benefits that is due to them from the website.

The site’s server works, but you would have to refresh the page every time you want to know the current time. The time is displayed in GMT and also comes with the current date.

Links to the most popular social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter, are on the pages of By clicking on these links, you will be taken to where you can learn more about the company, even from other users of their investment platform. Benefits

High Returns on Investments

Let’s take a look at what offers to their investors:

  • 10% daily forever with 0.001 BTC to 1 BTC
  • 11% daily with 1.001 BTC to 10 BTC
  • 12% daily forever with 10.001 BTC to 50 BTC
  • 15% daily forever with 50.001 BTC to 500 BTC

A look at the investment benefits listed above gives one the impression that it is easy to amass wealth very quickly on this site. The chances are even higher because they have a low minimum withdrawal balance. The benefits are paid every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays.


Withdraw anything from 0.0005 BTC

With an amount as little as this to withdraw, you can do this multiple times within a day. What’s more, you won’t even be charged a cent on your withdrawals no matter how many times you do it.


No IP challenges

You will have no problems with the management of the company if it is discovered that many accounts are linked to your own IP address. This is because they are aware that it is possible you want to spread the good news to your friends and families who don’t have a device to create an account. There is no problem with you opening an account for them and logging into it to see the progress made on every day. You can even do the withdrawals for them into their preferred BTC account when it is time to do so.


Good Security Features

Bitdetector Limited has done a number of things to make sure that users’ accounts are safe. The first thing it has done in this regard is to have a dedicated server. Secondly, it has an Anti DDOS protection to prevent all kinds of DDOS attacks. Again, they thought it wise to have a Geo Trust EV SSL certificate to increase the security to a bank-level grade.


Forever Payments

We are not to forget that profit distribution here is meant to last for a lifetime. There is no limit to how much you can earn and if the company lasts for the next three years, you are surely going to continue earning with them.


Affiliate Program has two levels of referral commission. They are 5% on the first level and 1% on the second level. An affiliate has the right to have up to 6% from the two levels with no restriction.


24/7 Support

A support form, email address, and company address are the various ways of getting in touch with managers. The email address is given as admin (at)



To conclude this piece, let’s recap some the major benefits of this company. You are going to enjoy high investment returns, forever payments, uniform daily payments including on the weekends, affiliate benefits even without an active deposit, tough security for your account, zero fees and much more. It is therefore a good idea to have an account here, especially now that they are only one day online. Don’t forget to invest your free money though as nothing is 100% certain in the cryptocurrency market.


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